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Best Places To Go On a Date With An Australian TS Escort

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The number of people that date TS escorts has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. However, there are still a lot of questions regarding dating trans escorts. 

One of the biggest questions people have is where are the best places to go on a date with Sydney shemales, Brisbane shemales, and Melbourne shemales. 

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In this article, we’ll talk about just that - what are the best places and date ideas if you’re planning on going on a date with an escort shemale

Sydney Dating Ideas

If you’re located in Sydney or just visiting, this fantastic Australian city offers an abundance of options for going on a date. You’ll also find a wide range of options for choosing the right trans escort.

One of the most popular date ideas in Sydney is going wine tasting. You can arrange a wine-tasting tour in the Urban Winery next to Centennial Park where you’ll get to enjoy some of the best wines you’ve had! The great thing about this date idea is the fact that it’ll help you break the ice and become more comfortable around your date in less time. 

Wine-tasting tours are a great idea in general, especially for introverts who don’t have much experience in dating TS escorts. Having a small bit of wine during your date can help you gain the courage you need to be completely comfortable and relaxed next to your Sydney shemale escort

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If you’re more of an outdoor person, you can have your date in Centennial Park. You could go cycling, or simply enjoy the park’s beauty by walking and having a meaningful conversation with your date. If you get hungry, there are also a bunch of restaurants located in the park! 

Another recommendation is to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens. Being surrounded by thousands of flowers and the softest grass is a great way to spend your day with someone. 

Aside from these, Sydney has amazing restaurants and bars you could go to, and a plethora of attractions you can see with your date.

Brisbane Dating Ideas

Just like Sydney, Brisbane is also a lively city with great places you can go to for your date with a Brisbane shemale escort. Visiting one of the bars or restaurants in this city with your trans escort date will surely leave a great impression. However, there are other places you can go to and different activities you can do to take your date to a completely different level.

Brisbane offers a wide range of natural beauty, and it would be a waste if one of the ideas wasn’t to go on a riverside picnic. Pick some great wine, cheese, and fruit from the local farmer’s market, and pick a romantic spot in Orleigh Park in West End.

Brisbane is also known for its lively music scene, which should be used to your advantage. Going to a live music show with a Brisbane shemale of your choice can be a lot of fun, but you’ll need to know what kind of music your date likes. 

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One more thing you can do in Brisbane that’s pretty high on the list of original dates is to go and see a movie in a drive-in theater. These old-school theaters are almost extinct, and you should definitely use this opportunity to experience something special!

Lastly, it’s always a romantic date if you watch the sunrise or sunset. There are numerous spots around the Main Range National Park you can use to your advantage. A nice sunset can be a great mood setter for the remainder of your date with a Brisbane shemale escort.

Melbourne Dating Ideas

Don’t worry, we won’t recommend another picnic, but it will be another outdoor activity. In Melbourne, you can go on a hot air balloon ride where you’ll get a chance to overlook the entire city. This can be wildly romantic, but make sure to ask whether your date is afraid of heights first. 

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If you’re not into flying high and want to be closer to the ground, you can always take your date to a dinner and laugh at the Comic’s Lounge. Going to a comedy club is a great idea because you’ll get to laugh and relax more easily with your date. You’ll have something to talk about later, and you’ll easily set the right mood.

Even if comedy isn’t your thing, you can wow your date by going to a magic show. Although it sounds cheesy, it’s actually a great way to have your date enjoy the time with you, even if you’re not a big talker. You just need to let the magic do the work for you. Melbourne is known for hosting its own Magic Festival during the winter.

Is The Date Location That Important?

No matter if you’re dating a Sydney shemale, Brisbane shemale, or Melbourne shemale escort, you have a lot of options when it comes to the place you’ll take your date to. In all honesty, the location isn’t that important. However, it can leave a great impression if you give it some thought.

On the other hand, carefully choosing the venue for your date can hide some of the flaws you know of, such as a lack of charisma, humor, or courage. Wine-tasting, live music shows, or even a magic show can be a great time, and the best thing about these activities is that you don’t need to talk all that much to impress your date. 

No matter where you choose to go or what you choose to do on a date with any trans escort, make sure you ask the right questions beforehand and put your mind into coming up with the best date idea you can. Not only will it make you more comfortable, but it will help you be more confident the moment you see that your date is enjoying it too. The fact that you’ll leave an amazing impression can go a long way too!



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