February 10, 2023  

Internet Applauds Shark Tank India's First Transgender Pitcher, Laxmi Narayan; Watch Video

Many people watch the Indian version of Shark Tank, a business reality program in which new companie ...View More

New Policy Will See Trans Prisoners in Scotland Initially Housed According to Birth Sex

All transgender prisoners will go into an assessment in a prison service facility that matches the s ...View More

Trans woman convicted of rape kept was separate while in women’s prison

An overwhelming number of trans prisoners in the UK are already housed in prisons that do not mat ...View More

Waterstones defends trans children’s author after hateful backlash

Lewis Hancox’s ground-breaking memoir about being a trans teen was nominated for the Waterstones  ...View More

Trans people more likely to experience dementia and autism, major study finds

Trans and non-binary people are reportedly more likely to have mental health issues later in life ...View More