OleBeechBum Dating Ad - shemale in South Florida, USA - Florida

  • PROFILE: OleBeechBum
  • Dating Ad title:Relax with A Pleaser
  • Attached senior missing physical contact. Sadly am a dirty old man now ! Luv the beach and sunshine... even a bit of rain. All it takes are beautiful feet and a lovely ass to set me afire!!! The thought of worshiping each is my erotic pleasure... missing it tooo! Dreamin of many young ladies in nylons ready to share feet toes and insteps with my prone lying mouth, mmmm Wanna kiss and suck every present to my ravenous mouth & tongue... R U creamin yet? mmm Wanna taste it! mmm Busy with living... like taking pictures (can u tell?) and feather touch massage... if you know what I mean. ; ) Dreaming of feeling your quaking on me in 69 building your .... O my ! mmmmm and dream of you squirting mmmm ohhh i have gone toooo far ! Sorry !mmmm : ) btw luv your picture! mmmmm ; ) .... and Luv the curve of your arch encased in nylon... can almost smell your heels being removed... ohh to explore with the tip of my tongue mmmm ohhh i luv those feet ! ... and the curves around your hips... why my desire to explore your nether regions with my lips & tongue mmmm to open you up like a beautiful flower & smell the fragrance of your sweet nectar ... I dream on and on .... just a dream....btw... did I mention I am androgynous? meaning I like to receive all I give... chest, pits, and nipples love suction... even more than the popsicle that does not melt ! dreamin on ! just dreaming !.... Attached and soooo missing morning sex ! miss waking up kissinggggg & feeling each other up & down before exploring with my lips and tongue.... mmmm... especially love cleaning up whats left from last nite... ohhhh mmmmm ... licking deep to get it all & sucking with my ravenous mouth... all the while getting sooo hard with you biting my sensitive nipples.... stayin hard enough for each of your sensitive openings to get loads before fading... of course luv the pumping to a crescendo to enjoy your quaking & shivering.... ohhhhhh
    Too attached to taste your beauty & provide too little satisfaction of repetition... always trying to have the craving pass... always to return. Alas to touch without feelings is not possible... just a dream ... take your picture ? Taste your sweat? mmmm Tickle your armpits and inner thighs? with my tongue? Will you bite my nipples for me? I will love you for it! And please you with a long, deep, pulsing, wet... climax : ) Wish to give you as many as you can handle and i'll provide cleanup, orally, after ever single one, mmmm do you have a guy to fill you deep?.... can you still cum again on my tongue? wanna taste, lick and suck all you got for me.... mmmmm Just another dream ! No? PS: Am 64 & more an exhibitionist. : ) do luv the feel of silk!

  • Age:65 years old
  • Gender:Transvestite
  • Sexual orientation:Active & Passive
  • Country:South Florida, USA - Florida
  • I'm Looking for:- Transsexual (Pre-op)
    - Female

  • Interesed in:- SEX
    - Friendship / Penpal

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