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  • ПРОФАЙЛ: Littleheart
  • Заголовок Анкеты:Single Caring Woman
  • I'm looking for a new best friend. someone I can share everything with .No
    secrets.A good listener as I will listen to you. I'm not looking to change anyone I
    want you to be real, honest don't tell me what you think I want to hear say what
    you feel . Have interests of your own but be willing to share in mine as I will be
    in yours. I want someone who can be silly with me . I want to hear your giggle it
    warms my heart like the laughter of a child. You don't have to have all your hair
    or be a perfect weight have a great smile and a warm heart be kind ,compassionate
    and respectful and Ill love you forever..we all come from some other place at this
    point so there will be some carryover just keep it to a minimum please. My biggest
    thing I'm looking for is someone who will love spending time with me.The person who
    your comfortable with without saying a word. Have that naughty twinkle in your eyes
    when you look at me and the sweet smile on your face.You now what I'm talking to kiss and cuddle that's a big plus.

  • Возраст:31 лет
  • Пол:Жен.
  • Секс. ориентация:Tолько Активно
  • Живу в:Torrance, USA - California
  • Ищу:- Транс до Оп.
    - Транс посл. Оп.
    - Мужч.
    - Tрансвестит(Transvestite)

  • Я заинтересован в :- SEX
    - Любовь или отношения
    - Дружба / Друзья по переписке

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