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Age: 25 years old

Name: Mistress Cordellia

Gender: Transsexual (Pre-op)

Location:London (Bayswater), United Kingdom

Availability: Incall & Outcall

Orientation : Active & Passive


+447577000101 639084673223

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Height: 168 cm (5'6'')

Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Languages: English

Penis Size: 15 cm (5.9'')

Ethnicity: Asian

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Updated: 01:33 30-Mar-2023

Joined: 15-Nov-2010 |

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Services: BDSM Dominatrix, Girlfriend Experience, Golden Shower, Sex Toys, Fetish Clothes, Client Feminization, Webcam Show

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About me


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*Phillippnes = +639084673223 (international roaming)

*USA = +1 917 957 5727

*UK = +447577000101

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Explore your interests to find out what makes you tick. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it, or hold you back. Do the things that you want to do, and don't be afraid that you can't do them. Especially think about those things you may eventually regret not doing, like meeting the Transexual Woman of your Dreams...

Mistress Cordellia Winthrop Scott knows the art of delicious restraint and seductive domination. Conditioned by her mother's icy discipline, she fully fathoms punishment within the psychology of role-playing. Whether she's wielding a tube of lipstick or an instrument of domination, she'll have you begging for it.

With a sharp tongue and befitting playfulness, her sense of humor will both tickle and scathe you. As much as she enjoys inflicting physical pain, Mistress Cordellia also delights in demanding devotion with her intoxicating looks.

I enjoy erotic BDSM on all levels - perfect for beginners who enjoy the sensual lighter side of BDSM and the world of kink or for experienced players into something much heavier. I can be gentle and nurturing - or I can take you to extremes and have you screaming for mercy. I enjoy the sexuality and intense eroticism of BDSM and the world of kink. I adore enthusiastic Submissive Guy - regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player.
I love to take a novice on their first adventure into the wonderful world of erotic BDSM and am very gentle and understanding of their nervous beginnings. But disrespect me or my kindness and you will know and feel my wrath as I can be extremely cruel and some might say downright evil at times. I have a passion for control through eroticism and using my sexuality to achieve it. I enjoy Submissive Guy that are communicative and responsive. There's nothing worse than a submissive who gives me nothing in return for my energy and efforts.

I love sessions which allow both roles to interact and create that special electricity that sets ones senses on fire as you submit your mind body and soul to be my wickedly active imagination. Dressed in an outfit from my vast fetish wardrobe my desirable goddess-like image will leave you begging to be dominated. I will trap you within my web and force you to surrender in my World of Intimate Fantasy.

I see the flaws in myself not as weakness but as strengths because I have not diluted myself into thinking I am perfect... there is always room for improvement ..

====================================== ===================

Enter the world of ”EROTIC DOMINATRIX CORDELLIA”..where she is the Mistress, and men know they're under her spell. Men accept the absolute truth of shemale supremacy.

Experience your Deepest and Wildest fantasies and Kinky Desires fulfilled by one of Philippines`s finest shemale creations!

Sinfully Beautiful & Exotic,Seductively Passionate,Erotically Dominant!

I am not for everyone, just for those who appreciate the art of Sensuality,Fetish/Fantasy Fulfillment,BDSM,Slave & Master/Domination and truly enjoys the ART of erotic fun,teasing and pleasing.

It's time for a breath of fresh air!

Allow My Soft and Sensual Asian touch to:

Arouse & Stimulate all your senses

I do not believe in up-selling or ripping people off. I do like to make long-term friends, so I will do my best to leave you with a memorable encounter. To me, the
biggest compliment AN ESCORT can GET is client loyalty and repeat visit OF HER CLIENTS!

I also have BDSM OUTFIT....,BEAUTIFUL & SEXY LINGERIE and STOCKING. I got high heels I can wear at your request.


i also provide erotic/Sensual massage

trained from INDONESIA



-sh iatsu


================= =========================================
-------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------


I am a professional escort NOT a prostitute. Therefore, the fees required, or money exchanged for legal adult personal services for modeling is simply for time and companionship ONLY. Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. This is not an offer of, and or for solicitation or prostitution. Fees charged are for time spent only. I do reserve the right to decline appointments, as I deem necessary.

By contacting me (either through phone or email) you agree to ALL of these terms and hereby CERTIFY that you are not part of any law enforcement agency using this advertisement for entrapment or for arrest. This is a contract you agree to by contacting me.
I have legal representation and know my rights fully.

-------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------ ---------

==================================== ======

My name is Mistress Cordellia, I am a naturally dominant TRANSwoman who lives an exciting and luxurious life through submissives who lust to serve Me. My life is about expressing My dominance, enjoying Myself, and sharing My attention with those who dedicate themselves to worshipping My Divine Self. I am recognized within the BDSM community as an extraordinary TS Dominatrix, however I am also highly-creative and a self-invented findom Goddess who enjoys Her creative side.

A bit about My Divine Self... I command respect and lust from men simply because of who I am. I have always been this way, and ever since I could remember I have been harnessing the devotion and strong admiration of men all over the world. I know that I am the embodiment of a true Goddess and that I should be treated as such.

I totally expect men to cater to My whim, no matter what they have to sacrifice in order to meet My expectations. I have never needed men but have found that they have profoundly craved Me and have done wild things to capture My attention, even if only briefly. I know that you will fall deeply under My spell, whether or not you can help it, because I am an intoxicating Goddess whose insatiable financial appetite should obviously be met!

I like to document My privileged lifestyle with those who are worthy of receiving the web-address. I have an extensive collection of photographs and assignments documenting My relationship to submissives who choose to engage in viewing My supreme life!

I have traveled the world many times over, purchased many designer pieces, leather goods, designer bags and fetish clothing, luxurious (red sole) high heels and have had men literally fall at My feet begging for My attention - from painting My Divine Self to offering trips, to impressive tributes, and of course, much more.

What's next for Me?... I aim to find even MORE submissives to engage in worshiping Me as their One True Goddess, to serve Me devotedly, and to become completely and wholly MINE. I want nothing more than to own your pathetic loser self and most importantly your wallet. My time is VERY valuable and you will do whatever it is in your power to do to win my attention.

I am sincere and passionate and know what I want and what makes Me happy. I am the REAL THING! A one-of-a-kind findom - this is My 24/7 LIFESTYLE, not an ”act”. If you are ready to contribute to My life as a financial paypet, you can begin by proving your worth to Me by reading My page (you sad, obsessive little slave) and then email Me at [email protected] with a $30US Amazon GiftCard to prove yourself.

NO TRIBUTE = NO response. Do this immediately and this will be just the start of your long and fulfilling journey into putting a smile on My Divine Face!

Financial Domination Contracts

If you wish to speak with Me via skype or Yahoo Messenger, you may purchase My ID here. I engage in several different types of financial domination contracts. The most common, if you are chosen by Me to engage are the following:

The biggest type of power exchange you can offer yourself is to offer yourself - body, mind, wallet, and soul - to a Goddess. Be warned - this play is dangerous and highly addictive. Does the idea of a powerful, gorgeous dominant TS blackmailing you arouse you? Are you ready to honestly give Me your personal information, incriminating photographs of yourself, and videos or messages knowing that I could use them against you? The answer is yes, of course. I love My blackmail victims and take this type of financial fetishism very seriously. Contact Me to discuss a contract. Note that this requires weekly/monthly silencing fees for those brave enough to pursue giving their power to this addictive Goddess.

$100 (reading fee) Note: this does not obligate you to Me. It is for you to read and look over. If you choose to submit this contract signed and dated, then it does. Once you have submitted the signed contract along with accompanying photos and content, it is active and you're on your way down My blackmail highway, bitch.
_________________________________________________ ____________

you give to Me weekly/monthly ”love taxes” as well as special tributes for My Special Occasions, and I will provide tasks and assignments for you to do for Me via webcam, text, or phone-call. You must greet your Goddess frequently (see: daily) if you engage in the Love Tax contract, and complete all assignments that I give to you, or else suffer punishment or SEVERE CONSEQUENCE! Here I will fuck with your things on SKYPE and fuck with your head through humiliating and degrading assignments for My pure pleasure. Highly addictive and certainly arousing.

$100 (reading fee) Note: this does not obligate you to Me. It is for you to read and look over. If you choose to submit this contract signed and dated, then it does. Once you have submitted the signed contract, it is active and your ass belongs to Me.
____________________________________________________ _________

Good for sissies and the likes. If you would like to give up your financial power to a beautiful Goddess but are too scared to engage in consensual blackmail, sign yourself up for some financial slavery. Here, I will control all of your assets and give you a monthly allowance for you to pay for your rent/necessities, and you will watch as I soak myself in luxuries beyond your wildest dreams!

All of these contracts come with Skype chats, YM CHATs, and text interactions with My Divine Self on a regular basis.
_________________________________________________ ____________

Tribute your Goddess.


1. cash tributes are My favourite and I might just show you videos of what I purchase with them if you're a good little pup.

2. Visit My Amazon , E-bay wishlist...

3. Send Me tribute via MoneyGram or Western Union

4. Make Me smile by sending Me a tribute via snail mail.. that's right, paypets - nothing's a bigger turn-on than opening up a sealed envelope filled with money for Me to devour.

5. Talk to Me on the phone at (e-mail Me for my number).

6. Book a Skype 1-on-1 session.

7. Send Me a gift card from Agent Provocateur. If you're a local, you might be given the opportunity to get a sensual tease in exchange for your gift.


IF ur from EUROPE/US and you want to visit my country
Or you want me to visit you
please send me an email me
or call me through my number +639084673223
I can be ur traveling companion
Or i can show you around my beautiful country
We can discuss regarding the expenses!

__________________________ DONT HAVE CASH? Payday is still far away? dont worry i accept
U can also pay via following gift cards/voucher below:

-HARRODS/SELFRIDGES shopping vouchers

for cam2cam sessions
add me on whatsapp TRIBUTE

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