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Why Men Want More Than Sex From a Ts Escort

Date 10:14:49 AM 20/Apr/2021 | Added By: ADMIN

Working for the most popular Trans Escort website i luckily have the opportunity to meet some gorgeous and intelligent Ts escorts through selling advertising or partying with them in the VIP section in the most exclusive night clubs in London. In the beginning i always wondered why were successful were... read more

Enjoy a BDSM Session in Sydney with A TS Escort

Date 06:59:43 PM 31/Mar/2021 | Added By: ADMIN

Not many years ago if you saw or heard the word BDSM you were puzzled thinking what do those initials mean? now in the last ten years because of films like Fifty Shades of Grey it has become more mainstream. Couples openly enjoy these cinema bonk busters and flock sex shops looking for fetish toys... read more

Group sex with shemales

Date 06:08:25 PM 24/Mar/2021 | Added By: ADMIN

There is an old saying that if two is company then three is a crowd but if you are an adventurous couple then that's not the case. Many adventurous couples who are secure with their partner want to spice up their sex life. Instead of having sex with another female they want to try something completely... read more

Misconceptions About Shemale Escorts

Date 08:35:52 PM 17/Mar/2021 | Added By: ADMIN

1) Only gay clients visit TS Escorts because they are secretly gay. This is the biggest myth coming from the the general public. If this were true why are they not visiting gay escorts? that theory does not make any sense. Most clients are in fact happily married men who are heterosexual! 2) Shemales... read more

Having A Threesome Experience With A TS Escort

Date 09:36:12 PM 26/Feb/2021 | Added By: ADMIN

In any relationship the sex can become a bit boring this is why we need to spice it up once in a while. This can only be done if both parties are open and secure with each other. For many couples who have never experienced a threesome it can be very exciting but also a little daunting!With comparable... read more

The Secrets Of Ts Escorts

Date 03:29:57 AM 03/Feb/2021 | Added By: ADMIN

In life we all have secrets that we would never reveal to even our closest of friends. I have visited many escorts and they still remain a mystery to me. You know that a particular hottie is funny and amazing in bed but you probably only know her stage name and not even her real age. If you ask too... read more

How do transexuals work in the Escort Business

Date 04:17:26 PM 26/Jan/2021 | Added By: ADMIN

In the last 10 years the demand for Shemale escorts has skyrocketed. There are so many stunning hotties from Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela and Thai lady-boys available on Melbourne shemales section on TS-Dating. Even the demand for "Trans Porn" on the internet has made it more mainstream with major... read more

How A Shemale Escort Can Give The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

Date 03:10:37 AM 19/Jan/2021 | Added By: ADMIN

Firstly we must define what is the GFE? basically its a more intimate relationship between the client and the escort. It usually involves more intimacy like a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. It's a lot more than just paying for sex. This relationship can involve longer bookings for dinner... read more

How to hire a transsexual escort

Date 02:21:21 AM 13/Jan/2021 | Added By: ADMIN

You took the plunge to experience a whole new different world of transsexuals! We understand  that hiring a sexy shemale escort babe to fulfil your wildest fantasies is not the same as bringing a regular girl out on a date! There are a lot of myths  concerning booking a trans escort so... read more

Warning to Clients: Don't Be A Time Waster!

Date 04:00:51 AM 06/Jan/2021 | Added By: ADMIN

Have you noticed that on many escort profiles they ask only to call them when you are ready to book an appointment. They specifically ask not to text them or what's app them why is that? well there are is one perfectly  good reason "Time Wasters" What is a time waster? its the client who trolls... read more

I got fucked by a Big Dick Shemale

Date 11:18:31 PM 22/Dec/2020 | Added By: ADMIN

I would consider myself a normal heterosexual guy when it comes to sex. I never did anything kinky or anything out of the blue. If i was honest with myself i was bored and was looking to spice up my sex life. When i was single and working in Melbourne in a very highly paid but stressful job i spent... read more

MTF Transsexual - what hormones to take?

Date 11:48:21 AM 17/Dec/2020 | Added By: ADMIN

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment for the transgender, transsexual or non-binary gender patients with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. It is prescribed by the GP or by the specialist physician who is attending the patient with the aim of minimizing the secondary sexual... read more

Susanna Leedi: I want to live my life, make my dreams come true

Date 10:46:00 AM 05/Jun/2020 | Added By: ADMIN

Transsexual Susanna Leedi dreams big. He wants to make a fantasy series starring a transsexual woman - a good hero who saves the world from the clutches of villains. The final shots of the video give a little idea of what Susanna's series might look like: adventurous, historical and a bit... read more

What everyone should understand about dating a trans woman

Date 10:54:33 AM 24/Dec/2019 | Added By: ADMIN

Yes I'm a transgender woman, but it doesn’t mean the people I date actually respect or treat me like a woman. Maybe they fancy me, but they don’t always respect me, and treat me the way I should be treated. Here's what I wish people know about dating me and other trans girls.DON'T SEE ME AS A... read more

The transgender staff of India's newest metro service

Date 04:34:26 PM 23/May/2017 | Added By: ADMIN

This is the first time India's government has earmarked roles for transgender men and women - and 23 are set to start.BBC The southern Indian state of Kerala has hired 23 transgender women to work for the metro service in the city of Cochin, an initiative aimed at fighting discrimination.BBC ... read more

TS Dating Returns as 2017 TEA Sponsor

Date 07:34:50 PM 22/Dec/2016 | Added By: ADMIN

Los Angeles, CA – Premier trans dating site,, announced their Gold Sponsorship of the upcoming 2017 Transgender Erotica Awards.“ is thrilled to sponsor TEA Awards once again,” said Risto from TS-Dating. “We visited and also sponsored TEA Awards on... read more

Transgender Girl on the Cover of National Geographic

Date 12:54:56 PM 17/Dec/2016 | Added By: ADMIN

We published an issue focused on gender at a time when beliefs about gender are rapidly shifting. This story appears in the January 2017 issue of National Geographic magazine. Lots of people are talking about Avery Jackson, a 9-year-old girl from... read more

Lima Shemale Guide

Date 03:24:44 PM 14/Dec/2016 | Added By: ADMIN

Transsexinfo site has just added new page  - Lima Shemale Guide read more

Miss Brazil Rafaela Manfrini Crowned Miss Trans Star International 2016

Date 12:01:02 AM 05/Oct/2016 | Added By: ADMIN

Miss Brazil Rafaela Manfrini won the Miss Trans Star International beauty pageant in Barcelona on September 18, beating out 30 other women from around the world. PAU BARRENA/AFP/Getty Manfrini, a makeup artist in Sao Paolo, thanked friends, fans and family on Facebook, as well as the... read more

Police probe ISIS ties to Orlando massacre

Date 08:06:01 AM 13/Jun/2016 | Added By: ADMIN

A day after a gunman shot dead 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, police investigated the attacker's ties to ISIS and Americans grieved over the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.Omar Mateen, 29, of Fort Pierce, Florida, carried an assault rifle and a pistol into the packed Pulse club... read more

Pinay crowned Miss Transsexual Australia 2016

Date 08:49:40 AM 03/Feb/2016 | Added By: ADMIN

A Melbourne-based Filipino was crowned Miss Transsexual Australia 2016 last Friday, besting seven other contestants for the opportunity to complete her gender transition.         The Cebu-born Andrea Jaca-Smith, a 35-year-old showgirl from Springvale, Victoria, took home a... read more

Filipina wins transgender pageant in Thailand

Date 03:10:19 PM 08/Nov/2015 | Added By: ADMIN

Filipina Trixie Maristela was crowned Miss International Queen 2015 on Friday at a contest in Thailand billed as the world's largest transgender pageant.The 29-year-old beat 26 other competitors for the coveted crown, with second and third place going to contestants from Brazil and Thailand... read more

Wanted: Transgender actors for Hollywood, little experience required

Date 12:07:05 PM 25/Aug/2015 | Added By: ADMIN

Actress Laverne Cox poses backstage during the 2015 BET Awards in Los Angeles, California in this June 28, 2015 file photo. Reuters/Phil McCarten/Files NEW YORK When... read more

Transgender Woman to Be Real Housewives of Atlanta's First Trans Cast Member

Date 12:29:41 PM 19/Aug/2015 | Added By: ADMIN

Ever since the premiere of I Am Cait, the reality television landscape has become much more inclusive and representative of trans people, and now Bravo’s Housewives franchise has joined the fray.The Real Housewives of Atlanta has cast its first transgender cast member, social media... read more

Candis Cayne: Rumored Girlfriend Of Caitlyn Jenner Is Also A Transgender

Date 09:59:07 AM 13/Jul/2015 | Added By: ADMIN

Candis Cayne is making headlines this week as the rumored girlfriend of Caitlyn Jenner, but the 43-year-old actress is a transgender trailblazer in her own right.Reports this week have connected Caitlyn and Candis, who were spotted at a Broadway show after having a romantic dinner and a trip to a... read more

Transgender beauty queen to marry mystery multi-millionaire

Date 04:22:15 PM 21/Jun/2015 | Added By: ADMIN

In love: Tiffany Rose- Davies wants to tie the know with her Arab lover ... read more

Transgender Fashion Model Gisele Alicea

Date 08:05:18 PM 13/May/2015 | Added By: ADMIN

(WTNH) –  Gisele Alicea (aka Gisele Xtravaganza) is a high fashion model, actress, painter, event producer, legendary ballroom personality and transgender activist. She appeared recently in Vogue and Vanity Fair and as part of the groundbreaking Barney’s campaign, which featured... read more

Malaysia’s Nisha Ayub Was Thrown in Prison For Being Transgender

Date 06:11:45 AM 14/Apr/2015 | Added By: ADMIN

How a harrowing experience made Nisha Ayub into an advocate for transgender rights in her homeland.Quorum is a live journalism forum focused on LGBT experiences around the world. Its mission is to lift up the voices of non-Western LGBT activists defining the struggle for justice.... read more


Date 08:51:20 AM 02/Apr/2015 | Added By: ADMIN

Discovery Life Channel is proud to announce that NEW GIRLS ON THE BLOCK, previously announced under the working title Those Girls, will premiere tonight, April 2. NEW GIRLS ON THE BLOCK follows a group of highly inspirational and entertaining women from Kansas City, Mo. - all friends, some couples -... read more

Transgender nightclub for sale

Date 06:11:37 PM 10/Feb/2015 | Added By: ADMIN

Divas Nightclub and Bar, San Francisco's premier transgender nightclub, is for sale. Located in the Polk Gulch neighborhood, Divas has been entertaining customers at its location at 1081 Post St. since 1998. Divas had moved from across the street to where it is today from inside the... read more