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Transsexual Articles

Transsexual Articles is a collection of articles related to transgender / transsexual subject.. All members in can submit articles they like and think are interesting, but it has to be transgender related. Add an Article!

Category: Hormones & Surgeries
MTF Transsexual - what hormones to take?

Date 11:48:21 AM 17/Dec/2020 | Added By: ADMIN

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment for the transgender, transsexual or non-binary gender patients with a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. It is prescribed by the GP or by the specialist physician who is attending the patient with the aim of minimizing the secondary sexual... read more

How to Get on Transsexual Hormone Replacement Therapy Relatively Easy

Date 11:31:07 AM 26/Oct/2012 | Added By: ADMIN

IntroductionThis article is designed for the transsexual who is looking to get on hormone replacement therapy relatively quickly and easily. I discuss a number of systems which may be available to use in your community. More often than not, if you live in a giant metropolitan area, chances are that... read more

Feminization of the Transsexual

Date 09:07:35 PM 12/Jun/2012 | Added By: ADMIN

Looking feminine is, of course, extremely important to you. First impressions are often based just upon your face. That which is first seen in an initial contact is frequently what defines you. It establishes not only who you are, but often what sex you are as well. As a transsexual, perhaps... read more

Transsexual Hormone Therapy FAQ

Date 06:07:40 AM 12/Jun/2012 | Added By: ADMIN

Q: What are hormones? Hormones are the body’s way of carrying messages from organs in a person’s body through the bloodstream to its cells where homeostasis is achieved. Some of the glands, from about a dozen, in the endocrine system responsible for secreting hormones are the... read more

Breast Development for Transsexuals

Date 04:04:36 AM 12/Jun/2012 | Added By: ADMIN

For all women, breasts are a very important and very visible aspect of their \"womanhood\", it is also probably fair to say that the female breast is regarded as a key aspect of feminine beauty, both in our modern society and historically - and with both men and women. The development of breasts... read more

Feminizing Hormone Regimens

Date 12:31:19 AM 12/Jun/2012 | Added By: ADMIN

I receive frequent inquiries from transgender persons who want my advice concerning feminizing hormone regimens. These individuals may wish to educate their physicians, or may plan to self-administer hormones without medical supervision. Sometimes I also receive inquiries from physicians... read more


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