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Gender: Transsexual (Pre-op)

Location: Kolkata, India

Orientation: Active & Passive


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Rock99benny 20:32 23-07-2022

Hello Guys..
Finally after so up and down i met Anushka. I have been taking cam sessions wit her but this time it was my real experience with her.
We met at her place in Delhi. She has very safe place. Wen I went at her place she welcomed me and the movement I saw her in real wow she is so so hot. We talked little bit and den I could not wait so we started by kissing.. she was so hard that I can feel her dick inside her panty.. we got fully naked and wow I cannot tell she is so so damn hot and sexy.. her dick is thick and big enough.. I started giving her blowjob.. wow it was so tasty... her boobs are also big with tiny nipples. After sucking her she told me to sleep upright and she started fucking me. It was not my first time but even den I cannot take her by dick coz it was too big for me.. but she is so experienced that she knows how to take care of small holes. She started slowly slowly and den she just drilled my ass. She has great stamina.
After fucking for long time she cummed on my body .. and started blowing me... and made me cum on my body itself... it was so good experience with her .. she is so lovely, friendly and kind person. Satisfaction is her priority... just go for it guys I recommend her , you must try her

Saumya 22:26 28-05-2022

I met her in kolkata, she was looking very good. I reached her place and she welcomed me in a nice way as she is my girlfriend, i was shocked. She dressed a white full tshit and a black pencil skirt and a full black shocks inside this she wearing a blue lingerie and a black heal shoe.
Her cock was big and hard and fat also. And she told me baby suck my cock and my balls also . I sit on my keews and she sit on the chair and i started suck her dick for a long time . She felt very happy and she told to fuck her ass with my fingers and i started doing, she started moaring. After a long time she take my pants off and started sucking my cock and my ass also. Then i told can be 69-position she told yes. I told i ass was virgin, she get happy. after that she want my ass,will any pain, she said just relax and enjoy, applied some lube and den slowly insert it, and what a pain, too much big dick, but she slowly slowly fuck me by changing positions, after some pain she gets full control and started to fuck me Littile faster, i m feeling pain but now feeling pleasure also, she start in doggy style her favourite position.After a long time she want to eject her hot cum in my body and mouth also .And with take her cum in mouth and started kissing with her cum .

When she opened the door and took me inside and close tahe door and give a tight hug.
After a long conversation, she sit on my lap and kiss me on my lip, for a long time . Her lip kiss was magical.
Then she take off my shirt and taste my body . After that i also take off her tshirt and black pencil skirt. I found she wearing a blue lingerie, she looks very sexy and hot. I told to sit her on my lap and i start kissing and pressing her boobs and open her lingerie up and down also.
After 15 min a take a hankee to cover her eyes for her back and i started suck my bick cock, for a long time . Then we kissed and fuck her ass in a doggy , face off , cowgirl , missionary and many various positions. After a long time i want to eject my cum in her mouth and opend her eyes and then kiss again .
But she was a very helpful and clean also . I like it . I want to meet again. Before leaving she give me tight hug.

pariharvinay 10:33 23-02-2022

I met her in Delhi last month.I must say that you can't find a better partner than Anushka.To cut short my review I will share crux of my meeting experience.
1.Huge dick to make you cry while she fuck you.
2.Gorgeous beauty with sikly smooth skin and perfect figure.
3.If you are clean and hygienic then she will eat you from all corner of your body.
4.She is so clean and smells so good that I suck her deepthroat raw without condom and bite her in asshole.

It was a lifetime experience to meet her.will travel anyplace in India to meet her.

raaaaaa 19:44 17-02-2022

So after some unpleasant experience in kolkata, met this beauty Anushka. Reached her place, she got a very nice flat sharing with another shemale. After seeing her for first time in real , i m stunned, same to same as in tsdating, she wears a red bra and panty, and looks red hot. She offers me water and den kisses me , like best kiss, her tounge deep in my mouth , and smells so nice her full body, and she got the perfect figure, after some smoke , she take full control and started liking my ear nose face , i become mad when she doing these.After that she take out her dick, and it's very big long and thick, she fucked my mouth, but I can't take it bcz it's very big, after that she want my ass, I told her i m a first timer ,will dere b any pain, she said just relax and enjoy, applied some lube and den slowly insert it, and what a pain, too much big dick, but she slowly slowly fuck me by changing positions, after some pain she gets full control and started to fuck me Littile faster, i m feeling pain but now feeling pleasure also, she den start in doggy style, and saying aaj teri gaand ka ched Bora korke hi chorungi, and continue doing but can't take it full, den she started slapping my face and saying Bina chude aj tughe jaane nhi dungi, after some slapping she started in missionary, started slowly, but suddenly she insert it full, i try to remove her but she hold both my hands very tight, she got some good stamina, she give me some strokes very hard along with continuous kissing, some how I managed to escape from her, but I love this, i request her i can't take anymore. Atlast she cummed, after dat she gives a open bj, and ask me to fk her but I can't as already i m exhausted. After all of this service she tell me to pay her, not like others who take money first and den gives service.And dere is no rush during whole session even she tell me to spend some more time with her after finish.I still remember her face when she fking me in missionary, uff can't forget dat face . For all first timers u should definitely try her. After some chitchat ,she gives hugs and kisses and gudbye.
WIR- Definitely Yes.

dholmesy2j 13:22 28-02-2021

I met Mistress Anushka in Delhi and I had requested for domination session and I didnt expected much because she sounded like a very nice and kind person. When I reached her apartment she surprised me as she welcomed me in a black lingerie with high heels and a dog collar in hand. I started to walk, but then she waved her finger and said uh uh, and pointed to the floor then she said crawl to me bitch, it was mad I felt this wave of submission hit me and I instantly got down on my knees and crawled over to Mistress . She pulled out her nice big cock and started teasing me and told me to suck it hard . I sucked her cock and balls for a long time. Then she asked me to lay on bed and sat on my face while stroking her cock, I licked her ass and balls. I enjoyed licking her ass and cock . She came, and ejected her cum in my mouth. She started sucking and stroking me hereafter. I came in a wonderfull orgasm.

Definitely no rush during this session. Would let her bang me all day and all night. After sex she let me clean myself and we chatted about everything like we had known eachother for years.

Figure: 36-28-38 (bubbly ass)
Cock: 7.5


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