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Gender: Transsexual (Pre-op)

Location: Kolkata, India

Orientation: Active & Passive


How did you like her appearance and clothing?

Did she look like in photos?

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Bull09 10:01 05-02-2024

i met avantika in the month of August in Bangalore, initially i was scared since it was my first time as i was virgin, with fear i went to the hotel in MG road. She took me inside and we planed to meet since 2days we didnt meet, she was angry and she took money and we began with action. i hugged her and slowly began DFK so many times, she licked me and that turned me on. she made me to suck her it was fat thick black dick, it was my first time so she guided me onto how to suck, later the real action she lubed my hole and tried to insert her tool but it was not going i was not able to take it was hell of a tight hole and she had fat dick, she inserted and i asked to remove went to washroom came back again she inserted and i went towashroom this happen around 5 to 6 times she was patient and later she said once again if you do this im gonna not let you go washroom she was forcefully tryong to insert but i took only half dick and with that half dick only she fucked me and she cum a little load, and i left. i ll for sure try once again whenever she visit banglore again.

Thanks Avni, hope you remember me.

Casperhotty 18:05 28-11-2023

I meet Avantika many times, she was my first trans lady. It was pleasure like no other. The way she spoke, move her hand over my body and use her tongue was unbelievable and she likes to keep herself clean including her place. She expect her clients to be same. While we are at each other body, there were times that I couldn't control. I have no words to explain.
The other day I requested bdsm and it was honoured without hesitation. Maybe next time I'll write juicy details about our time together 😉😉 It was best sex of my life PERIOD.

indietsman 09:33 23-05-2023

***LUSTY GIRL******
She received me in high heels and red lacey dress. I could not help notice the bulge. Immediately, my mouth went towards it and found it to be shaved and decently big enough. We did a good amount of DFK, only drawback being unable to receive her cum load as she has good stamina and can continue for long. Next time.

Casper123 05:09 21-05-2023

I visited her and will do it for sure again. Contacted her 2 days before the meeting to arrange GFE session. When we finally meet she was all prepared and we started kissing and sucking each other having a nice foreplay. Then she took me to the bathroom and took a shower together, it was very kinky and great with her, We kissed liked that, she fucked my filled mouth and we went Crazy and experience was awesome and i will definitely again meet her!!

indietsman 09:29 09-05-2023

***LUSTY GIRL******
She received me in high heels and red lacey dress. I could not help notice the bulge. Immediately, my mouth went towards it and found it to be shaved and decently big enough. We did a good amount of DFK, only drawback being unable to receive her cum load as she has good stamina and can continue for long. Next time.

Casper123 08:23 08-05-2023

Met her yesterday in Bangalore. Awesome TOP (I’m bottom). I love being dominated and the moment I entered her hotel room shes been all dominant and were totally in control of me. I really love her attitude and aggression on bed. Hope to met her again soon

rodzach87 14:28 13-01-2023

Met her in the month of May in Kolkata. It was a great experience. She is a charming and hot. She welcomed me in a short pink dress and looked ravishing. After a few minutes of talking we started with the act. We kissed for sometime and then she revealed her big thick tool. I immediately took it in my mouth and gave her a good deep suck. With her tool rock hard, she started preparing my hole for the pounding that was coming next. Lubed me up generously and she put on the condom. For the next hour she pounded me with a few breaks in between, when I sucked her cock. She would put on a new condom each time and continued pounding me. She came a big load. It was a fantastic session for me. She is a great top, perfect for a bottom like me!

Parminder311 15:56 14-11-2022

Had a chance to meet Avantika last week in Bangalore. I pinged her on WhatsApp and she reverted back quickly. We booked an appointment.

Her place was good, and as soon as I entered her room she started kissing me which was amazing.

Then we had a little bit of chit chat and she made me comfortable.

After we went on the bed and started kissing vigorously and she pulled out her big dick.

I slowly started to suck her big cock and then gave her a deep throat. After sucking it for almost 10 minutes she asked me to put on the condom.

Then she lubed my ass and came in missionary position. I told her that I am virgin so she started slow. Her dick is big and it was pain at first. I asked her to wait and she made me comfortable.

After that she moved me in dooggy style and fucked me for another 5-10 minutes. Then she told me to ride he in cow boy position.

She has a good stamina and we fucked for almost 50 minutes after which she came. The she gave me a blowjob which was mind-blowing.

We had a bit of chat after that and I went on my way.

Would highly recommend her if she is back in town. She is an hard active top and can challenge even the true bottom. Also she is not like other shemales who watch time and are on the phones all the time.

Harsh112 14:36 29-08-2022

A very good experience with her. She is a great kisser and she like to play girlfriend role that was amazing. I reached her place and she welcomed me in a nice way as she is my girlfriend, i was shocked. She dressed a white full tshit and a black pencil skirt and a full black shocks inside this she wearing a blue lingerie and a black heal shoe.

When she opened the door and took me inside and close tahe door and give a tight hug.

After a long conversation, she sit on my lap and kiss me on my lip, for a long time . Her lip kiss was magical.
Then she take off my shirt and taste my body . After that i also take off her tshirt and black pencil skirt. I found she wearing a blue lingerie, she looks very sexy and hot. I told to sit her on my lap and i start kissing and pressing her boobs and open her lingerie up and down also.
Her cock was big and hard and fat also. And she told me baby suck my cock and my balls also . I sit on my keews and she sit on the chair and i started suck her dick for a long time . She felt very happy and she told to fuck her ass with my fingers and i started doing, she started moaring. After a long time she take my pants off and started sucking my cock and my ass also. Then i told can be 69-position she told yes. I told i ass was virgin, she get happy. after that she want my ass,will any pain, she said just relax and enjoy, applied some lube and den slowly insert it, and what a pain, too much big dick, but she slowly slowly fuck me by changing positions, after some pain she gets full control and started to fuck me Littile faster, i m feeling pain but now feeling pleasure also, she start in doggy style her favourite position.
After a long time she want to eject her hot cum in my body and mouth also .
And with take her cum in mouth and started kissing with her cum .
After 15 min a take a hankee to cover her eyes for her back and i started suck my bick cock, for a long time . After a long time i want to eject my cum in her mouth and opend her eyes and then kiss again .
But she was a very helpful and clean also . I like it . I want to meet again

Rohan1996 04:50 07-06-2022

Do not miss her while she is in town!!!

Meeting Avantika👱‍♀️ is a very great pleasure of mine. she hosted me very well she treated me like a king 👑at her place she offered me a glass of Wine The one  which I have carried at nearby place. we both had cheers a glass of wine to one another. She underessed me one after one. She topped me very well.. Avantika has a good stamina and she is one of the top 🔝versatile shemale. She has a good dick. Totally my experience was very good 👌overall with her session. I enjoyed a lot..
Thanks for the wonderful session 💋


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