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Gender: Transsexual (Pre-op)

Location: Pune, India

Orientation: Active Only


How did you like her appearance and clothing?

Did she look like in photos?

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Kushal143 18:32 10-08-2022

I met Tanvi in ​​Ahmedabad because I wanted to take her service. When I met her, she is very beautiful as she looks in the photo and more importantly she is very hot. Speaking of which, don't ask, I was given a very good service by Tanvi, please experience it for yourself. I was very happy and satisfied.

Harsh112 08:01 24-07-2022

I went to her flat to get Tanvi's service. Her flat was very clean and tidy. She loves cleanliness. I was very happy. The atmosphere was very beautiful. She lives alone. Stayed because she looked so pretty, her attractive eyes and the jeans and jacket she wore looked so glamorous she then I went inside and she asked me to sit down we chatted for a while she gave me cold drinks, then three took my hand in hers and Then he pulled me hard and hugged me tightly. Her strength was like a strong man. Then she put her lips on my lips and kissed me loplok. I also responded to her nicely. I put it in my pants and grabbed my dick and moved it in my mouth. I was having a lot of fun. I was feeling very good. I was sucking very hard. Will I suck (her) dick? I told her I haven't done it yet, but I can't help but look at her dick because her dick was getting so hot my hands couldn't fit in my fist. I was sucking her dick hot and hard in her mouth. I was feeling very good. I was taking full dick in my mouth from time to time. Tanvi was having a lot of fun. She was responding well. She was also licking my asshole then she asked me to fhuking her ass. I was fhuking for twelve times then Tanvi asked me if I would climb on you and fhuking your asshol. I said slow down because I haven't done anything like that yet I started doing hard fhuking but I felt cool then I fhuking her again and then we both started moving with each other's dick in hand and discharged sperm, it was amazing experience. Thank you dear I was meet u again soon.

Tejaskansara 09:42 23-07-2022

Tanvi is very beautiful, honest, attractive and educated. I took her real service. I felt very nice and happy. The living area is very nice. Her flat is clean and tidy. They are not calculating the time. I went to Tanvi's flat she greeted me then asked me to have a hot drink ghenar ka colad drink then we chatted I was feeling like a giral friend then she pulled me close with both hands and hugged me tightly and kissed my lip liplok After kissing she took off my clothes and sucked my dick very nicely then I took off her clothes and put my hand in her panties then I got a surprise that the same dick is too big thick and hard I was sucking her boll nipple then she moved my neck She grabbed my dick with both hands and put my lips on her dick and told me to suck, I was sucking 7 inch hard dick like lollipop She put my hard dick in her aashol madhe and hugged me in the riding position and was kissing me fhuking then mag I var came and fuking her again and my throat got very nice service. Navi is very good, she keeps herself clean and tidy and keeps the flat clean and also keeps the customer happy and safe.

Harries 18:55 11-07-2022

Anyone can trust her. First she is a very good human being. When I meet first time afraid. I went at her place she opened the door then she make me comfortable and at first meeting she make me his friend.
She is good in language, while talking with her we went in her bed room and she ask me to remove my clothes then after we both were naked.she ask me what do I like I told her I am first timer,she said ok,then I started sucking her boob she force me to suck her boob even I bit her nipples she was very hot and hungry in bed.
She ask me do 69 , it was my first time to suck dick but during sex I sucked her dick.Her dick is big one and thick like stick.
Then she aske me to Fuck her ass i Fuck her ass then after I make a wish to fuck my ass,she ask me did you get fuck ass previously I said no I had not tried.
She put some liquid on my asshole and put her finger my ass and she slowly put her dick in my ass it was a very painful for me I said stop, she stopped but then after again she tried to fuck my asshole just she put her dick in my ass she give little force and her whole dick was enter in my ass I was in heaven.she fuck till she cum.
Then after she removed comdom wash her dick.
We both take bath.
She aske me to sit in hall we both have tea and long talk.
Anyone can trust her because she is good in person.
Like to meet you soon.


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